#PonyFest16 Entry!

No minute like the last minute. 🙂

My entry for #PonyFest16 is based on my High Fantasy WIP: ASCEND. With fire magic, flying horses, winged men, and a bevy of badasses, ASCEND is hard fantasy with equal parts blood and optimism. (If you don’t think about it too hard, it works.)

Since it has no cover – here is ASCEND’s Novel Aesthetic:

Novel Aesthetics.png

It was hard to pick which MC got to be a pony (because due to time constraints, I could only commit to one). But the straight-edge mohawk was too cool to pass up, so behold!


Damien’s a winged warrior with equal parts discipline and derision. He’s massive and deadly, but he’d rather be remembered as a protector than a fighter. Hence, his cutie mark is a shield. Not a sword. The shield’s surrounded by fire because he flies to battle against a fire-magic wielding enemy.

Pretty daunting stuff when you’ve got flammable wings. But you do what you gotta do to protect your family.